Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stronachie 12 year Highland & Churchill: San Francisco, CA (USA)

This Sunday my co-blogger and I were out with friends who took us to the relatively new Churchhill bar at Market & Church in San Francisco.

I loved the decor - shiny wood tables, pool, Christmas lights! We had a round of cocktails first (menu on paper fixed to a piece of metal - nice), and for the second round I decided to check out their Scotch. One friend had a beer, another a second cocktail and my co-blogger some rum.

They served it up in a cute little canning jar:

Stronachie 12 year tasted like a classic Highland. Smelled divine, tasted smooth, and was affordable at this establishment at only $10. I enjoyed nearly the entire pour myself, and wouldn't have minded another! 

It seems to run about $50 a bottle. Which, if I had tasted this side-by-side with Oban 14 year, I am pretty sure I can see myself happily drinking Stronachie at home instead and saving myself a little money. (and enjoying having something a little different to share with friends who come over!)

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