Sunday, December 4, 2011

2010 Whisky Tasting & Pairing at City Club (SF)

Last year, The Whisky Shop & City Club of San Francisco teamed up with Ed Kohl. Like this fall, we were welcomed with a blood & sand made with Isle of Skye 8 year. 

Food on the menu that evening:
bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with chorizo
baked oysters on the half shell with bacon & creamy bechamel
peppered beef tenderloin with a blue cheese sauce on toast
white & red pepper puree & shaved reggiano on toast

One of these days I'll learn to eat more before I go if its just appetizers paired with the Scotch!

First up was Auchentoshan (Lowland). Unfortunately I didn't record which one, but it wasn't the Three Wood because I've had that before and its not my thing (though my co-blogger likes it just fine).

Next up was Highland Park (Orkney), which was okay. Kilchoman (new Islay) was not pleasant but I'm not a peat girl. I liked Smokehead (Islay) better (and would later buy a bottle for my co-blogger). Maybe this just wasn't my night, because even Edradour (Highland) wasn't making me swoon. It smelled pretty molasses-y but was pretty fire-y.

I wasn't enthusiastic about the food pairing, they definitely did a better job this year than last year. On the upside, Ed gave a great talk! Now I wish I could have a pour of Scotch ... if only I weren't sick & congested!

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