Thursday, August 11, 2011

Duncan Taylor The NC^2 Range 15 yr Ben Nevis

That's a mouthful. Some of these scotch whiskies don't have concise names. Duncan Taylor is an independent bottler. NC^2 apparently stands for non-chill-filtered and non-coloured. And Ben Nevis is the distillery (not the mountain), in the Highland region. Aged fifteen years in oak casks, with a final abv of 46.0%.

The color is pale piss, but it gets better moving to the other senses. The nose made me think of milk chocolate and grass and some kind of fruit I can't identify. Maybe melon? I think I only know the smell from liquid hand soap, so maybe that's confusing me.

The taste is tangier than any whisky I've tasted. I taste that melon or whatever it was from the nose. And I experience it again while exhaling. The mouthfeel was interesting. Seemed tingly, and not because of the alcohol. Just a little bitter at the back of the tongue. Not unpleasantly; more like lemon zest.

Overall, a very good and interesting whisky, good and interesting enough to warrant its own post; don't be deterred by my unfortunate choice of descriptors (like piss and soap). It doesn't have much of an Internet presence however, as I discovered while trying to see what other folks had to say. I bought it for about $75 at the Whisky Shop in San Francisco, which deserves its own post one of these days.