Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scot & Scotch: Switzerland: should you need a bottle while in Zurich

My fiance and I love to explore a new city, wandering streets & seeing what we stumble upon! Guidebooks and recommendations from friends can be helpful, too. However, there's nothing like finding something unique on your own.

For example, when in Zurich for the weekend last month, we barely planned anything. Two screenshot maps from Google, and a few suggestions from a bit of internet searching. From across one river, we noticed an interesting wall of some kind, with lots of people at the top that I feared was a hoard of tourists. It wasn't until I looked online afterwards that I learned we had found Lindenhof. Its the site of an old castle, on the west side of Limmat in Zurich. A perfect place to pause for a picnic or at drink and take in the views of the city!

Well tucked away just south of Lindenhof is a lovely little store called Scot & Scotch. I loved the dark wood and cozy space, fine bottles of whisky displayed on shelves and low tables. Really somewhere I would have loved to linger! The only downside is that everything in Switzerland is expensive (except maybe local cheeses & mass produced brands of Swiss chocolate), so if visiting this city, Scot & Scotch is probably best saved for window shopping or browsing their more unique stock. Some bottles were obviously open, so I suspect tastings are offered to regular customers or those with more serious shopping intentions.

(P.S. if you make it there, you may also be interested in checking out Vagabunt, which is just a bit NE from Scot & Scotch. Primarily secondhand men's accessories in great condition, including cufflinks, leatherware, silk ties, etc. Sadly, when I dropped in there weren't any flasks! Schipfe 39)

Address: Wohllebgasse 7, Schipfe, 8001 Zurich
Online: www.scotandscotch.ch

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