Monday, May 16, 2011

Bray Head: Karlsruhe, Germany: like your neighborhood Irish pub, only better

I love casual establishments like Bray Head! Here's a great place where you can stop in for a beer or other drink, have some food, and enjoy a fine single malt. As this is an Irish pub, you'll have no problem ordering or asking questions in English.

Secure a seat at the bar if you wish to admire the lovely bottles of Scotch, Japanese whisky, and Irish whiskey. There's a vast selection here, sure to satisfy if you are simply the mood for Laphroaig 10yr or an Irish Bushmills. If you feel like having something rare such as Ardbeg Supernova or Adelphi's Breath of Speyside (I had it in April, but might be gone by now!), have a look at the shelves or ask for the whisky menu (with prices), organized by region. You'll have the option of a 2 cL or 4 cL pour. If you're not picky, there's always the 3 Euro Whisky of the Week! Finally, they have whisky tastings now and then if you are lucky enough to live in town or are planning a trip in advance.

Non-whisky notes: The local stout is excellent. Look at the chalkboard to the left of the bar or the menu if you're hungry - I recommend the fries/pommes (and you won't get charged for ketchup or mayo). Several TVs on for sports fans. Simple bar stools, unless you're by the front window or out back during nice weather. No indoor smoking. Clean ladies room. Moderately lit, including candlelight. Mixed clientele of Germans & expats. Mostly men in their 30s-50s, with women typically coming with a partner. Think Cheers, not a pick up hot spot.

Address: Kapellenstra├če 40, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany (Durlachor Tor tram stop)

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