Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zotter: Scotch Whisky chocolate bar: "Highland Harvest"

I love chocolate. And Scotch. I was delighted to find Zotter's whisky cream filled bar in Probieren Geniessen in Mannheim, Germany when I took a day trip there in October.

Cute shop, they sold more than just whisky, and you could bring or buy a small vessel to fill! Or buy an entire bottle.

Anyway, the chocolate was lovely. I wish I'd purchased 2 bars so I could taste some more as I write this post! Google found me Chocablog's review, which you can read here. Good picture of the bar itself, too.

I'm making truffles with a friend on Black Friday. Perhaps I should try mixing in some Scotch?


  1. Go find a copy of the Scharffen Berger cookbook ("The Essence of Chocolate", by John Scharffenberger and Robert Steinberg). I believe that it contains a recipe for Scotch truffles. I'd send you the recipe, but my copy of the book is in Indianapolis, and that particular recipe doesn't seem to be in the the electronic collection I brought to Tel Aviv!